To start off my assignment I decided to look at composition images on DeviantART and look at what does and does not work well.

This first image I would say is slightly off balance, the object is tucked in the corner and is not the center focus. When I look at this image I look at the object first of all because of he colour however the darker strip along the top takes my attention away.

This image is acyually a painting, however I just wanted to show you the way the wood is ‘framing’ the skull and petals. This helps the viewer to focus and realize more what the object is.

I quite like this composition because the you can easily tell that the girl is the main object in the image as she is in the middle of the image. The vibrant colour of her dress and red hair also helps her to stand out and become the main focus point.

Again, I am not overly keen on this image because of the way the flower is to one side on the image, as if it is trying to hide. It is almost as if the flower is trying to look away from the viewer because you can near enough just see the side of the flower. I do however like the contrast between the flower and the grass. It is quite obvious that the red flower is the main object however the green grass and the small white and yellow daisies distracts  the viewer from the main focus point.

Even though the bench is in the middle of the image and is almost framed by the green grass, trees and fence, I don not like how it is quite far away in the background rather than being in the foreground.It almost seems quite random.

I quite like this image because of the angles used, for example the womans bent leg. I also like the way she almost fills the bottom of the image and again creates a triangle to the point of her head. It is obvious that she is the main object in the image rather than the gun itself.


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