Business card Design Ideas…

Here are some business cards I have designed and mocked up in Photoshop.


I quite liked this idea at first, however I think that the writing looks out of place. I think that the writing may have looked better under neither the logo as shown below.

I think that this design idea looks a lot better as the card is now balanced and the writing does not look out of place. I have also designed some different Ideas for what could go on the back of Zoes business cards. For example:

I liked the idea at first for this, however now I have mocked it up I am not so keen. I don’t think that this is very elegant or sophisticated like the logo or front of the business card.

Whilst creating this idea I did not think that it was going to work. The lines were too strong and the way the words were supposed to get longer as they go down was not working as they were very different in size. However I took the opacity down for the lines so they did not stand out as much and put the words in order from biggest to smallest and decided that they looked a lot better. the design for the back of this business card is like this:

I really like this design idea i think that it looks very sophisticated and I really like the swirly pattern also used in the logo, sitting on top of the thank you.

I really like this front design idea however i think that it would look more professional if the address was not under the logo, like so:

I think that this idea is better. Even though this card does not have the address on it, Zoe could use this for existing customers instead as they will already know where her business is, or it could be her business card for whilst she is going mobile. I think that the back design for this card should be either plain or have her appointments on the back.

For my last idea I just wanted to try something very simple, just by having the logo on the front of the business card and have all the information on the back.

I quite like this idea, again i like the swirly pattern used.


Next, I am going to look at different typefaces and sit down with Zoe and see which one will look best on the designs.


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