Notes taken in meetings with client…

About my client:

Zoe Winnings, Studied Beauty Therapy for 2 years, Setting up her own business, bubbly, girly, funny, people friendly person, likes to have a laugh, enjoys pampering people. Zoe is planning on going mobile between march and april and will have her business up and running by may.


Here are some notes that I took during two meetings with Zoe (my client):

What she expects to receive by the deadline:

-A Price list to go up on her door when her business is set up.

-Price list leaflets to hand out to customers

-Posters promoting her offers every month

-A welcome sign to go on the door and a stand to go outside

-Images to go on her walls (of clients being pampered and of her kit)


-Opening times list

After researching existing price lists etc, I discovered that other beauty salons also produce and hand out to customers things like:

– Loyalty cards

-Gift cards

-Business cards

-appointment cards

– A slogan that describes what she does, how she makes customers feel, or something that the customer could relate to.

After mentioning this to Zoe she seemed very interested and asked me to also include and design these also.

Name of business: Zings (Z for Zoe…. ings for WinnINGS)

Colours Zoe Wanted for her lists etc: Purple and white

Anything specific on logo: Swirly pattern and butterfly

Text: Sharp


I decided to research into existing beauty salon slogans and these are the examples I found:

-Beauty is simplicity

-Simply beautiful

-You deserve to be pampered

-Get the royal treatment

-Feel beautiful

-Relax the day away

I showed these to Zoe and got her opinion on the examples. She wasn’t overly keen on then and wanted simple words to express what her business will do to her customers. She wants her customers to be calm, relaxed, pampered, she wants her customers to feel beautiful and expensive in her welcoming atmosphere as they unwind and indulge the experience.

After talking about different words listed above we came up with the three simple words that best describes Zoes business:

Relax… Unwind… Indulge

This ‘slogan’ will appear under the logo.




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