My logo ideas…

Here are some quick sketches for logo ideas. I took the main things Zoe asked for and fitted them altogether. For example, the business name, slogan, colours and image.











From these sketches, I designed some of them in photoshop to see what they would look like.

For this idea, I used a gradient for the background, I then drew and scanned in a butterfly and included the wording. Just for experimentation purposes I have kept the same font for all ideas, however I will look more into typefaces and will decided a better one once Zoe has decided which logo she prefers. I do no think that this idea looks very professional. It also does not include swirly patterns that Zoe asked for.

I really like this idea , I think that it looks more professional. I have not included a butterfly for this idea yet as I am not too sure where it would go without ruining the image. I think that this looks quite sophisticated and think Zoe will be very pleased with this once the butterfly has been added!

I think that this logo idea does not work very well. The butterfly stands out too much for the writing making it not very clear to see. This image is too detailed and busy for the simplicity of the writing and pattern.

I quite like this image however I still don’t think that it looks very professional. The image as a whole looks off balance as there is an extra image added in one corner. I also don’t think that the little flowers link with the overall image.

This is the final logo that I designed from my sketches. I really like this idea i think that it looks very sophisticated and the butterfly in the middle does not detract from the writing and the swirly pattern. I think that this logo will look very good on Zoes posters, leaflets, business cards…etc.


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