Existing Logos for beauty salons…

Here I have looked at other existing Logos and have looked at the good and not so good aspects of them.


This logo for example, works quite well as an image is created within the word making it look more feminine relating it more to its purpose. It is simple and effective. I like the colour choice as well for this logo as green and pink are a rather unusual decision. Green commonly represents grass and nature and pinks represent beauty, natural and skin. the two together suggest that natural products are used in this salon.

Again this logo has an image within it that represents the feminine side of the beauty salon. Pink is quite a popular colour to use as it is quite feminine and the black outline of the face and hair stand out very well. I also like the font used, Zoe wanted sharp font used and I think that this one works quite well.

This logo is very simple. I am not keen on the image chosen for the beauty salon, however I do like the two different shades of purple chosen. The contrast works well together.

I decided to show this logo I found as Zoe mentioned that she wanted a swirly pattern in her logo. I quite like this pattern in this logo, It is quite eye catching and stands out against he blue.

Again I like this logo because of the butterfly, its girly and I like the gradient used on the image. The font isn’t quite what my client is looking for however I do like this font as it is unique.

Again another butterfly logo, I quite like this one as instead of an obvious butterfly outline it is simply a line and some shapes. This could be quite interesting to do for a design idea. The font is also quite sharp and simple.

This logo is quite interesting as it uses the image as part of the writing. Again this is something I would like to try and do for some design ideas.


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