Brainstorming business cards…

Here I have researched business cards and brainstormed what they include:

Here are some existing business cards that I have looked into:

I like this idea, It is quite effective. I think that It may look better if the border went round all four sides rather than just three. I also think that the writing may have looked better if it was centred  rather than to one side.

This business card is very simple however i think that it is still eye catching. This is a very clear and crisp design that gets straight to the point. Even though the writing is to one side the image on the other side balances it out.

For these design ideas I think that the line down the middle separating the contact details and the name is quite a good idea. I also like the background as it has texture, however the writing can still be viewed clearly.

For this business card I really like the contrast of the two colours used. The pattern really stands out well. I also like the way the image of the flowers are inverted not he back of the card. Having the ‘next appointment’ option on the back of the card is also a good way to bring the customers back to the business.

I decided to look at this business card as I do not think that it works quite as well as some of the others above. There is no colour used for this making it eye catching and able to stand out from the rest. It does not really promote a BEAUTY salon very well. On this business card however I do like the image used in the corner.

I really like this final business card because It is very effective and I like the way the colours and shapes create a person. Again the writing is to one side but the image balances out the card. I really like the colour choice for this as well as the black makes the pink stand out more.



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