New Brief…

This project is about promoting my clients business and what she does, Beauty Therapy. I have decided to do this for my project because I can use my specialist skills and what I enjoy doing to promoting the business. For example, image manipulation, typography and being creative. When the project is complete I will hand it all over to my client who will then be able to start promoting her business. I then hope that she will come back to me in need of more new designs in the future.

I am creating this for my client who is an old friend, Zoe Winnings. She hopes to get her Beauty Therapy business up and running with my help to promote it. Her audience ranges from teens to adults, both male and female.

This project aims to promote Zoe and what she does. It has to show her personality through it all as well as making customers aware of her business, what she does, her prices and special offers.

This is the sort of thing that I would like to follow as my career in design. this will be a good practice for me to get a taste of what it would be like working for a live client.

For this project I intend to submit:

– Notes taken from meetings with my client

– Research into existing promotional items (posters, business cards, price lists etc)

– Hand drawn and photos hoped images and mock ups

– 5-7 design ideas for all the promotional items my client asks for

– Finalised designs that my client is happy with.

By the 12th January 2012 the following will be completed:

– Notes taken from meeting with client

– Examples of existing promotional items.


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