A quick critique..

Right, I had a quick critique in yesterdays lecture and what I thought was a fab design turned out to have things wrong with it. For example I had stretched some type and even though I did this to exaggerate wide hips and stretch marks, this is not allowed. I was advised to put a big word in each square and to not have each word spread across more that one square.
I used quite a few different fonts in my work however have been told it would look better if I used between 3 and 4 fonts.

I really liked my background as I used make up to create it, however because I used colours such as pinks, purples and blue it glams up the background instead of being natural and plain. So I altered the background so it mainly consists of browns and tan.

I also decided to change the font colour to the same pinky colour for the bigger words so that it all flows together better. The layout of the squares also was not working so I changed that slightly so that they can link better and are all touching.


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