New Layout Idea…

So after taking the points from the last post into consideration i quickly sketched and jotted down these doe sign ideas:

I quickly sketched out the layout representing a person however i thought that this would be too much of an image to submit as my final piece. As you can see in the corner I also sketched a similar layout but the squares are slightly off balance. This will represent a person as asked for but will also represent the slight imperfection of natural beauty which will also drift away from the image look.

Things that I have decided to change about this design idea are:

– Fewer words: Natural beauty (at the top), monobrow in a eyebrow shape nearer the top of the boxes, the word stretch marks stretched along the longest width and also wide hips, scars ( i have found a tutorial to make indented words so therefore i am going to watch this and try to indent the scars into my work), the word fat will be made to look tall, long and thin – the total opposite to what it is but that is my aim, to make the words look the opposite of what they are turning flaws into beauty. i am also king to use crooked nose and make the letters wonky and not as perfect in a straight line.


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