Making a start..

After I created my background and first work, I decided to place my background in all my other squares. I made the title using normal text from illustrator called ‘Giddyup Std’. I liked this font because it represents well natural beauty. Its flowy and I think the duplicated words in nude pink also work well making it stand out from the rest.

I also decided to use the word stretch marks and actually stretch the word and each individual letters. I was not too keen on the colour however as i wanted the ‘natural beauty’ at the top to be the one that stood out so instead i decided to change the colouring to again, a nude pinky colour. Like so:

My next word to add to my squares was ‘wide hips’ (font: wide latin), just like the ‘stretch marks’ I wanted to write the word in a natural colour and then stretch the letters to make them wide however because wide hips are in one place they would still all stay the same hight. I changed the colour of the text to an orange colour, to represent foundation.

I like the way this is going, however I am not sure on the colouring. I think that the nude pink ‘natural beauty’ is written in is the best colour so far. I have decided to keep going for the time being and will then go back and change the colours if i need to.

The next word(s) i have decided to include, is ‘Fat’. Fat is basically excess flesh to me so I have decided to make the word tall and very thin. Again, my aim is to twist the words and make tim into the opposite of what people see them as.

Here is the next screen dump of the next few words. I have included fat and crooked nose. I chose a font for fat, that was already quite thin and i distorted it even more making it taller and thinner. For crooked nose I used a font which already has curves and spirals in it and i changed the alignment so that it did not seem perfect.

So this is what i  have come up with. I took into consideration the points made in the small group critique and changed my first initial idea to this. I am going to now change the colours of the the text and see what looks best.



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