Design Idea..

In my lecture a few weeks ago i came up with this idea using the words that are flaws to come up with the idea.

I really liked this idea the theory behind it was, all the flaws stacked on top of each other were building up to the top line saying’ these added together build your natural beauty’.

I then decided to mess around with colour, I followed a background tutorial on youtube (see photo manipulation category) to create a colourful back ground. See below for what I managed to create:

I think that the colour was too bold and therefore you could not see the words over the top. I think that I will stick to chalks for this assignment.

After I created this i had some feedback from other students on my course. They too liked the idea however gave me some pointers to follow:

-there are too many words

-i need to change the font of each word make it more relevant

-At the top of the stack use only ‘Natural Beauty’.

– use only natural colours

-change layout to 4 squares going vertical and a square either side of the 2nd square down to represent a person.

I am going to take all these comments and create a new piece of work for my final piece.


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