Whilst concluding my essay it became clear that the Dove self-esteem video campaign was filmed to expose the processes to show young females and to make them aware of the fake manipulated images that are used in advertising to make products look better and sell better by showing ‘what they can do’ for the target audience. By enhancing the majority of these images, society is lead to believe that these flawless images are real and achievable, and that these ‘so called’ stick thin models are the true definition of beauty.  This video shows that women and young girls do not have to spend a lot of their time and money, trying to look like the images in advertisement, because the majority of the time it is unachievable anyway.

Personally, I believe that natural beauty is the real definition of beauty and the Dove self-esteem advert does well to back this up by exploiting the process and by showing that these ‘perfect’ women are actually fake. The average looking girl looked stunning after hair and make-up and the final image was perfect the way it was without any manipulation. By manipulating the image further, the final outcome looks fake and unrealistic on the billboard, ruining the image taking away the natural beauty of the whole image. As dove rightly said, “No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted” (2007).


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