Slight change of direction…

Whilst looking at these quotes I decided instead of using the quotes I had found I decided to think of everyone’s flaws (things people don’t like about themselves) and made a list.  I have decided to use these words instead of quotes in my final six squares!

My list of flaws are…….:


-hairy armpits



-Beer Belly


-Crooked nose


-Thunder Thighs

-Bingo Wings

-Dry Skin






-over sized

-wide hips

-wobbly bottom



-puffy eyes

-food baby

-stretch mark


-bags/dark cirles

-frizzy hair

-dead ends

-greasy hair

-oily skin

I have then decided to add my own little quote within my design saying ‘these added together build your natural beauty’.  My aim is to make the text look natural and beautiful even though they are not always seen to be a good thing. For the background i am not entirely sure on what I am planning to do however, I found a tutorial on youtube on how to create an impressive background. I am going to try something like this for the background of my 6 squares however will use girly colours such as pink, purple and blue.


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