For my visual argument i have been looking at quotes to back up my argument for natural images to be used in magazines instead of dishonest airbrushed images. The following quotes I will Defiantly use!

‘You should be comfortable in your skin.. You have to wear it everyday’.

Basically this quote from a Dove poster is saying your stuck with what you have and what you look like so you may as well accept it and get on with life. If your truly unhappy you can do something about it, however your natural self is beautiful, anything you add to it is just am accessory to make the most of it.

I found this image on deviantART.

‘ the idea of perfection is so imperfect’

I really like this quote and the way is is laid out, the writing could have been in a straight perfect line however because it is talking about imperfection there is a slash going through the      image ruining its perfectness. I have decided to use this quote because it relates to my argument well. ‘the idea of perfection’, the idea of looking like the models in magazines, ‘is so imperfect’, is a lie and cannot be reached!


My last quote was from my Auntie Gok book, however because of the wording he uses in this quote it would be difficult to use because if i was to simply use the sentence it would not make any sense so i have decided to look for another quote. Looking at the image that has inspired me to do my magazine front cover, the model is holding a piece of paper saying ‘I wish you could see how beautiful you are’. this relates to women wanting to change themselves after seeing models in magazines and not realizing their inner beauty. So i have decided to use this quote for my final quote.


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