Typography Artists…

Today I decided to look at some Typography artists to see what is already out there and what my sort of style would be. I came across two different styles of typography that I quite liked. There is the typography that used letters and words and makes images out of them, like these images below:


These images I found on deviantART. I like image 1 because it uses all the words and phrases used when someone is sorry to form a love heart. Image 2 uses letters to create the apple mac logo making it slightly different to what we are used to seeing in everyday life.

So there is them examples of typography making images and then there are the images that have random typography:



Again I found these examples on DeviantART, I like the way the letters are made to look like they are falling in image 3. It gives the image a sense of movement. I like image 4 not only for the typography use of different letter sizes, but also for the background texture and colours! I think this is def my fav piece for today. I like image 5, I like the use of block colours in the background and the layering of the letters. I think the border also sets off the image and the use of red letters against the black and white image makes it stand out a bit more. This is the same for image 6. There is use of red typography within plain black and white making it stand out. Im not 100% keen on this image, I decided to show you it though because I liked the way the red stood out.

So there are my examples of typography, I think that I wold like to do something along the lines of idea 4 for my final sqaure tho as its my fav of the bunch!!


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