Whilst trying to find out some info on airbrushing images I came across the Dove Campaigns and decided to have a look. I found these images that were used for campaigns and advertisement:

Dove is trying to say that everyone is beautiful, you dont have to look like a super model or become anorexic like most celebs and models of today. Being natural is beautiful, even if natural is frumpy. They are trying to persuade women to be themselves with their products.

Dove adverts such as the above asks people whether someone is too old, fat, wrinkly, flawed, freckled, grey or oversized to be beautiful. This is for a campaign that says everyone is beautiful whatever they look like!

I decided to put this Dove advert for men in because I like the quote that it comes with. ‘you should be comfortable in your own skin. You have to wear it everyday.’  Basically this quote is saying you are stuck with what you have so you may as well accept itand get on with life. If you are truly unhappy then you can do something about it, however your natural self is beautiful, anything you add to it is just an accessory to make the most of it.

Male advert:
Group of women:


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