Auntie Gok <3

Fashion expert Gok Wan has  made his mark by giving women the confidence to appreciate their bodies, whatever their size and encouraged women whatever their shape and size to strip for the nation!

I have met Gok Wan twice he is the most lovliest man ever ever ever! I watch him on tv and try to go to all of his book signings in my area!

Gok is known for his ability to give women confidence to dress for their shape and celebrate their bodies on ‘How To Look Good Naked’, he also knows how to do it without breaking the bank as he shows us on ‘Goks Fashion Fix’.

Personally i think that even woman needs an Auntie Gok in their life for those days when they feel down about thier body size and shape. Gok teaches women to love their body, and if they are still not keen on a certain part, then he’ll teach you how to cover it up with fab clothes without spending too much money!

After reading Goks book – Work your wardrobe, I found a quote in the introduction to chapter 12 – Beauty, that relates to my natural image argument.

 The last sentence of this piece of text says, ‘ So, whether you like barely there make-up or want to learn how to glam up in an instant, this section is all about making more of your natural beauty.’

MAKING MORE OF YOUR NATURAL BEAUTY!!! Not covering your flaws with make-up but making the most of what you already have which is beautiful already!



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