My Vision…

Trying to see where you will be in so many years time can be quite difficult. I have often been asked where do I picture myself in 10 years time? I always said university and until studying Graphic Design for GCSE’s It was then that I realised that that is what I wanted to study. When I have finished university, where do I then see myself heading? I have two directions that I think Id like to do.

Firstly, A Teaching assistant at a secondary school helping out in the Design lessons sharing my knowledge and passion for graphic design. In my free lessons that I had in 6th form I used to go to the design block and help out in the GCSE graphic design lessons. My teacher used my old GCSE project (top of the class with an A 😉 ) to show the students what they needed to achieve by the end of their year. I enjoyed being able to help them and think that this could be a career path that I would like to take.

Secondly, when I think about what a graphic designer is and and what they do, I think of being given a brief set by a company asking all graphic designers to create ideas for a logo, poster, leaflet… basically promotional designs and to then present them in BIG meeting rooms, competing against other Graphic designers, showing businesses and companies my designs and getting feedback.

So they are my two options, i am not one hundred percent sure on how I can show this visually yet however I am going to look into it and research how I can do this! I have decided I do not want to do freelance work. I like an environment where I can work in a team and where ideas can be bounced off each other. Id like to be able to be free in the sense that I can design and present my ideas for each given brief. However, I still want to be given instructions and a direction in my career.


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