Design Brief 1:

‘Stage 1:

In pairs: Find someone to disagree with about any topic; make it as fun or as serious as you wish, play the devil’s advocate, fight your corner. The aim is to win the argument and persuade the other side that you are right.

Document the argument in details through emails, face to face, text messages, letter etc

 Fill a 250mm square with the text so that little space remains available but the type I clearly legible (max type size: 36pt)

 Don’t forget to consider: your choice of typeface, contrast, scale, colour, type furniture (accents, dingbats, grammar marks), shape, structure, texture



So far to date I have paired up with Lisa Twist and we have agreed to disagree on airbrushing verses natural features in magazines. The argument started face-to-face and our points were recorded which you can see below:

‘Airbrushing vs. Natural in Magazine Editing

Wednesday 5th October 2011, 2.52pm

Lisa = For Airbrushing, Chelsea = Against Airbrushing

 L – “I feel they should be entitled to use airbrushing when editing magazines because when looking at a mag you want to see a nice image. Also in advertisements the audience expect too much from a product therefore the produces feel they have to airbrush to persuade you.”

C – “That is false advertisement surely. You are not seeing the true product and what it actually does.”

L – “But as an example you do not want to see a foundation advert and see really bad skin. No one would buy the product.”

C – “They should choose a model that would represent the product correctly, while using good lighting and a good photographer.”

L – “Airbrushing can be used in moderation just to enhance, rather than alter. It can be used just to alter and improve the lighting.”

C – “But by enhancing even just slightly you are creating something that girls can not make reality.”

L – “It can be good to have high aims even if they are not realistic. Girls these days know now that magazines have been made “perfect”

C – But yet they still cause eating disorders such as anorexia.

L – Magazines are not the single cause for an eating disorder, other aspects in their life will have triggered it off and then alter their perception on everything around them. Because there is no one cause for an eating disorder people try to pinpoint something and that happens to fall on airbrushed images.

C – But they do influence girls to become thinner and wear more makeup.

L – The magazines are simply showing what the audience wants to see, girls want to see stereotypically beautiful models to admire, therefore resulting in them aiming to make the best of themseleves and what they have. The ads are simply satisfiying society’s desire for perfection.

C – But the models are beautiful as they are, they do not need to be airbrushed.

L – But you have never seen the original image before editing. The model may be beautiful in real life but not everyone photographs well and the lighting may not have been flatering. Airbrushing allows the producer of the advert/magazine to show the product in the way they initially imagined if the photos did not come out in the way they wanted.

C – I just feel people need to show more natural beauty rather than creating a picture perfect person who looks fake and plastic.


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