Colour Explosion!!!

Whilst discussing how to finalise our square, I came across this image today on Deviant art. Lisa and I had been discussing what we could do before I found this image and the sorts of things we were thinking of was flicking ink over our sqare and layering the text on top, or maybe using ink and possibly even make up and nail varnish. After finding this image it has inspired me to go away and experiment with colour to see what sort of thing I can come up with using different media. The colour we will use will represent the make up used on airbrushed and non-airbrushed images.

The colours used in this image are really bright and bold. I like the way the letterd are coming out of the explosion. If Lisa and I was to do something like this for our final piece then I think that we should layer the text ontop of the back ground so that they stand out more!


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