Why Am I Here?

Why am I actually here? Why did I choose to come to Canterbury Christ Church University and study Graphic Design? Instead of jumping straight into a job say… In an office or a pet store, my dream job when I was a child! Why did I choose to take this path for the next chapter in my life?

I love being in education. I loved school, learning new things, meeting people and feeling of progression is wonderful.

I studied graphic design for my GCSE’s and loved every minute. We had to design and make a collection box for our chosen charity. My chosen charity was guide dogs for the blind. I designed the graphics and a logo for the charity box. I chose bright colours to make it eye catching and my unique design style was shown throughout my work.

I came top of the class with an A after the two years an this helped me to discover my passion for graphic design.

Sadly I could not carry Graphics on in 6th form for A levels, so i decided to carry on with the design subjects and tried Product design. For two years I finished my projects nearly two months earlier than everyone else! So with the time I had left I started to Create a logo and packaging for the two products that I had manufactured.

Even though I really enjoyed Product design, it came down to my true love and passion for graphic design.


So here I am today studying Graphic Design at Canterbury Christ Church University, In my second year specializing In what I like doing most.


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